The Eleuthera Experience

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Enjoy our Eleuthera Experience box, full of authentic flavors and colors inspired by the Island of Freedom!

Pineapple Dish

This handmade ceramic pineapple dish, which is exclusive to this gift box, is inspired by the legacy of pineapple farming in Eleuthera, once the largest exporter of pineapples in the world. Unparalleled flavors, bursting with the intensity of tropical sunshine, we use golden yellow glazes when crafting this unique dish. 

Mango Soap Scroll

This signature soap scroll is infused with mango, known in the tropics for its high antioxidant qualities and its clarifying influence on clogged pores. Combined with the exfoliating properties of poppy seeds to create a deliciously nurturing soap scroll, bringing home the goodness of summertime any time of the year.

Bath Salts

Our Summertime Bath Salts celebrate the cleansing and detoxifying qualities of sea salt, and the beautiful hibiscus flowers of the islands. Our sea salt is locally sourced and abundant in natural minerals. Known for generations for their healing qualities, add these salts to warm water and create your own rejuvenating ocean retreat.

Sea Sponge

Our locally sourced sea sponges are a renewable natural resource, a true gift from the ocean. Sea sponges have many benefits for your skin and the environment. Naturally hypoallergenic, sea sponges are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Softly textured, sea sponges allow for gentle but effective removal of dead skin cells and dry, flaky patches to give you softer, smoother skin.


Our Summertime Hand and Body Lotion combine the rich moisturizing properties of coconut oil, as well as the tangy-sweet fragrance of mango and pineapple. This luxurious lotion is as delicious to the senses as it is to your skin.

Soap Slice (Rice Flower) - Island Dream

This summertime soap slice made from natural glycerin is a combination of zesty ocean breeze and sweet tropical fruit. Escape into a dream of gentle turquoise waters, sugar soft sand, and the sweet scent of ripe mango in the air. 

Soap Slice (Strawberry & Champagne) - Bahama Berry 

This luxurious soap slice made from natural glycerin is bursting with the abundant scents of tropical fruits that thrive on our bountiful Bahama islands. Delight your senses with the sweet exuberance of summer.